We take into consideration the safety rules that have been issued by the government of Georgia and trying our best to finish the Construction of our very first apartment till the June. In order to find out more, leave us your contact details

The project design of apartment buildings was created by Estonian architectural bureau “Põldme Architecture”. The land plot is decorated with evergreens.

Number of buildings: 2

  • Number of entrances: 3 in each building
  • Number of floors: 3 and 4
  • Number of apartments: 54 (22 four-room, 24 three-room and 8 two-room apartments).
  • Apartment areas: from 60 till 130 sq.m.

Apartment layouts allow you to change easily the configuration of the floor if necessary. The thickness of the internal walls between the apartments is 200 mm, which meets the European requirements for noise reduction. In all entrances there are separate basements, where household storage rooms (10 sq. m.) are located. The buildings are equipped with elevators that go from the basement till the top floor.

North side apartments have a direct access to the playground for children. Balconies (their areas reach 80 sq.m.) have a panoramic view to Tbilisi or Shavnabada Monastery.


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