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Tbilisi Hills – High Standard of Living

Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences is the largest, innovative and prestigious project, which has no analogues in the residential real estate market in Georgia. In Tbilisi Hills we offer exclusive land plots, apartments and private houses.  All needed communications will be delivered by doorstep of your houses. 

   – 331 hectares, that will be able to host 5000 residents
   – Professional 18-hole golf course.
   – Only 15 minutes from Tbilisi center.
   – 15 km from Tbilisi International Airport.

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Only 15 minutes from Tbilisi center and you are on the top of the Tbilisi where you will be able to experience nature and nice breeze, that will refresh you especially in summer time. Next to the Tbilisi Hills you will be able to visit Shavnabada Monestary which will take you back to medieval period.

For absolute comfort the complex is equipped with a 24/7 security system and CCTV cameras throughout the territory and illuminated territory.

Exclusive real estate

Tbilisi Hills offers luxury land plots, where you will be able to build your dream houses – private houses, semi-detached houses and apartments. Tbilisi Hills territory will be able to host more than 5000 community residents, meanwhile providing privacy and great space for each household

Golf course

Tbilisi Hills has a professional 18-hole golf course. The golf facilities occupy 110 hectares, fully comply with European standards and are ready to host international tournaments. Golf is very popular all over the world, because people of different ages: from 7 to 77 years can play it. Although this kind of sport is not simple, because it requires talent and a strong character, it attracts not only professionals, but also amateurs.
Read more at https://www.tbilisihills.com/golf/ 


In Tbilisi Hills Restaurant you will taste the best European cuisine and large selection of cocktails. You will be able to enjoy your meal in the wide terrace with spectacular view to Tbilisi city.
Read more at tbilisihills.com/restaurant/

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Tbilisi Hills is conveniently located near the city. The journey from the downtown takes about 15 minutes. The compound can be accessed by two roads: one from the Tbilisi Krtsanisi District, and the other on the Rustavi highway.