Apartment Buildings

You were born to enjoy all that life has to offer – a small piece of paradise on top of the hill is just perfect for you. Apartments in Tbilisi Hills are rectangular – just like anywhere else – but the unique view, quality and green surroundings allow you to live and think outside the box. This is one of the best investments of your life, because life in Tbilisi Hills is only getting better and more valuable every day. This apartment is a starting point for future success. You can be sure that life on the mountain will never be boring.

The project design of apartment buildings was created by Estonian architectural bureau “Põldme Architecture”. The land plot is decorated with evergreens.

Apartment layouts allow you to change easily the configuration of the floor if necessary. The thickness of the internal walls between the apartments is 200 mm, which meets the European requirements for noise reduction. The buildings are equipped with elevators that go from the basement till the top floor. Balconies have a panoramic view to Tbilisi or Shavnabada Monastery.

Building:Title:Floor:Bedrooms:Total area:Price:
Flat Number 292Flat Number 2942105.7159660
Flat Number 282Flat Number 2843193.8276480
Flat Number 272Flat Number 2732118.4174075
Flat Number 262Flat Number 2633121.2189173
Flat Number 252Flat Number 253188.9127628
Flat Number 242Flat Number 2423125.8166810
Flat Number 232Flat Number 2323127.5169330
Flat Number 222Flat Number 222293.7124250
Flat Number 212Flat Number 2112113.9143640
Flat Number 202Flat Number 2013135.4172800
Flat Number 192Flat Number 191181.9103883
Flat Number 182Flat Number 1843206.0295200
Flat Number 172Flat Number 1733121.2179273
Flat Number 162Flat Number 1632108.8158978
Flat Number 152Flat Number 1523128.7170870
Flat Number 142Flat Number 1422116.0153510
Flat Number 132Flat Number 1313118.0149175
Flat Number 122Flat Number 1212117.2148500
Flat Number 112Flat Number 1143197.5298800
Flat Number 102Flat Number 1041109.7161550
Flat Number 72Flat Number 733122.1180923
Flat Number 62Flat Number 62297.7129710
Flat Number 52Flat Number 523119.6158340
Flat Number 42Flat Number 423129.3172130
Flat Number 32Flat Number 31172.190518
Flat Number 22Flat Number 213127.4162068
Flat Number 12Flat Number 113130.6166590