Course & Slope rating

Tbilisi Hills Golf Course is currently the only golf course in Georgia to be officially rated by the USGA standards and approved by the European Golf Association (EGA) for handicapping purposes.
This gives our members the chance to maintain a valid playing handicap for competitions.
For visiting players we are pleased to share our course and slope ratings for the following tee combinations:

Created for beginners and players of all ages, this tee box is also perfect for your first time on a Golf Course. The slightly shorter course from this tee box allows you even to hit a few holes in regulation – a big experience for the new golfer! Also our senior players will be happy to use this tee box from time to time, although your handicap of course will be pretty low from here!

MEN: 4575 Meters, Par 69, CR: 65.5, Slope: 116
WOMEN: 4575 Meters, Par 71, CR: 70.3, Slope: 128

Our white tee box is meant to be the ladies standard tee, but also suitable for higher handicap men-players looking to complete a fair 18-hole score.

MEN: 5188 Meters, Par 71, CR: 69.0, Slope: 126
WOMEN: 5188 Meters, Par 72, CR: 74.2, Slope: 136

Our silver tee box is the standard tee box for men – and the back tee for our ladies with a recommended handicap of 18 and better. The Course is getting pretty narrow from here and already much longer as from the front tees – so be careful where you hit your balls!

MEN: 5734 Meters, Par 72, CR: 71.8, Slope: 133
WOMEN: 5734 Meters, Par 72, CR: 77.7, Slope: 142

The gold tee box is the back tee (championship tee) for the single handicap playing men. This is the real challenge, and you need to be in excellent form to succeed this level of playing. Our members and guests will experience from this tee box what it means to compete on an international Championship Golf Course – safe your score!

MEN: 6223 Meters, Par 72, CR: 73.9, Slope: 139

The course was rated by the German Golf Association (DGV) on 3rd June 2018.

Course raters:
Mr. Malcolm Gourd – USGA Course Rating committee member
Mrs. Sabine Wiederer – DGV Course Rater