Tournaments & Events 2023

28.01.Season Opening TournamentIndividual net and stableford
11.02.1st Winter Series TournamentIndividual stableford
25.02.2nd Winter Series Tournament2-ball scramble, net scoring
4.03.3rd Winter Series TournamentIndividual stableford
18.03.Spring Tournament4-ball scramble, net scoring
25.03.Stella Artois Beer Tournament - Ertan Farewell2-Player Better Ball
1.04.1st Monthly Cup Individual net and stableford
2.04.1st Beginners TournamentIndividual stableford
9.04.1st Ladies TournamentIndividual stableford
15.04.1st Leader-Bet TouranmentIndividual net scoring
22.04.Wine Scramble4-ball scramble, net scoring
24-30.6th Gamarjoba International Golf TournamentIndividual net and stableford
6.05.2nd Monthly Cup by Law Firm BLB Individual net and stableford
7.05.2nd Beginners TouranmentIndividual stableford
From 8.05Tbilisi Hills Match Play ChampionshipsIndividual match play
13.-14.05.Georgians vs InternationalsTeam match play
20.05.2nd Leader-Bet TouranmentIndividual net scoring
21.05.2nd Ladies TournamentIndividual stableford
26.05.Red and White Tournament2-ball scramble, net scoring
27-28.05.Georgain National ChampionshipsIndividual stroke play
3.06.3rd Monthly Cup Individual net and stableford
4.06.3rd Beginners Touranment Individual stableford
10.06.Gulf Tournament4-ball scramble, net scoring
11.06.3rd Ladies TournamentIndividual stableford
17.06Par3 TournamentNet stroke play
24.06.3rd Leader-Bet TouranmentIndividual net scoring
1.07.4th Monthly Cup by Law Firm BLB Individual net and stableford
2.07.4th Beginners TouranmentIndividual stableford
8.07.Night Golf TournamentIndividual stableford
9.07.4th Ladies TournamentIndividual stableford
14-16.07.Tbilisi Hills vs Dreamland Golf MatchTeam HCP match play
22.07Charity Golf2-ball scramble, net scoring
29.07.4th Leader-Bet TouranmentIndividual net scoring
5.08.5th Monthly Cup Individual net and stableford
6.08.5th Beginners TouranmentIndividual stableford
13.08.5th Ladies TournamentIndividual stableford
19.08.5th Leader-Bet TouranmentIndividual net scoring
2.09.6th Monthly Cup by Law Firm BLBIndividual net and stableford
3.09.6th Beginners TouranmentIndividual stableford
9.09.Pohi & Friends TournamentIndividual stableford
10.09.6th Ladies TournamentIndividual stableford
16.-17.09.Tbilisi Hills Club ChampionshipsIndividual stroke play
23.09.6th Leader-Bet TouranmentIndividual net scoring
24.09.Nations Cup2-ball scramble, net scoring
25.-30.097th Gamarjoba International Golf TournamentIndividual net and stableford
7.10.7th Monthly CupIndividual net and stableford
8.10.7th Beginners Tournament powered by VisaIndividual stableford
14.-15.10.Georgian Amateur OpenIndividual stroke play and stableford
21.10.7th Leader-Bet TouranmentIndividual net scoring
22.10.7th Ladies TournamentIndividual stableford
22.10.Caucasus Business GolfIndividual net and stableford
27.-29.10.Tbilisi Hills TrophyIndividual stroke play and stableford
4.11.8th Monthly Cup by Law Firm BLBIndividual net and stableford
5.11.8th Beginners TouranmentIndividual stableford
18.11.Greenkeepers Revenge2-ball scramble, net scoring
19.11.8th Ladies TournamentIndividual stableford
25.11.Cross Country Tournament4-ball scramble, net scoring
9.12.Season Ending Gala
10.12.WIP - Wood, Iron & Putter TournamentIndividual stableford
23.12.Christmas Tournament2-ball scramble, net scoring